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The First Religious Revolution

There are times, rare though they are, when different societies and civilizations achieve a comparable level of development, independently of one another. This is very much what happened during the middle of the first millennium BC, in China, Greece, Persia, India and China. It is indeed curious that the various philosophies and religions for which these societies are famous today, seem to have arisen simultaneously, yet with no connected origins. Yet their longevity and continued relevance says much about their enduring appeal.

One of the reasons they were so successful was that they took root in empires, and were regarded with favour by emperors who, once converted, sought to convert their own societies. Confucianism took in China, in part because of its acceptance by the Han dynasty; Buddhism in India with the blessing of King Ashoka, and Greek belief and philosophy travelled with Alexander the Great on his conquests.

History would show, and continues to show, that the most long lasting beliefs, are those which support or are supported by those who wield the most power.

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